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The Virginia Wrestling Federation is one of the fasting growing indies in Virginia. In the VWF, you get a big league style show with old school indy wrestling to give you the best of both worlds. Keep this area open to see what is new on the page.

They are here, the VWF is proud to be the first independent wrestling federation to offer a special email box. Get yours today. (added 1/17)

Our apologies for the lack of updates on the board. Many changes are being made to make tihs a better product. Keep it here for more updates.

The old message board is gone. In our new feature, you can post messages and chat through your browser. Check out the new look in VWF Community. (Updated 1/19)

BREAKING NEWS: Contrary to rumors of the sort, the VWF will not be moving to Petersburg. The Board of Directors announced it officially last nite. Ashland, Va will continue to be the hometown of the Virginia Wrestling Federation.

Plans are underway to make a VWF VIP club. Details are still in planning. Keep it here to find out how you can join this elite club and support the VWF.

Events updated on 1/3

Show results form 12/9 are up. (Added 12/10)

School information updated. (Updated 1/11)

Contact information includes how to get in touch with our training coordingator and the rates on how you can advertise your business or organization in our show's programs. (updated 1/11)

The Chat room is now open. Keep an eye here for special events. The Room Host and webmaster often runs an open chat in the evening.

The Star of the Week features a brief look at Gator. (Updated 12/16)

Be sure to add a link on our Free for all Links page. Also, you can visit the VWF's stars official pages from the links as well.

More to come including more dates and profiles of your favorite VWF stars.

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